Designing and Building in Central and East Africa

How to build an industrial sized wood burning stove:

In the previous post Building a Kitchen in Kenya: $0.00, I detailed the design and construction process of the project.   I also mentioned that many of the masons were taking notes throughout construction, and have since built numerous iterations of the smaller stoves.

Some of the neighboring school administrators have since stopped by and expressed interest in building a version of the larger industrial-sized stove, though I had not left a set of drawings detailing the design.  I have since sent this complete construction document to my friends in Usalama, which has allowed them to begin building large stoves in the surrounding communities.  Any comments that you may have would be much appreciated.

I take pride in creating sets of drawings that present clear and logical directions with minimal need for language.  This method of illustration has begun to find its way into other projects of mine that are heading into construction.

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