Designing and Building in Central and East Africa

Homemade Charging Station

Homemade Power StripWhile traveling through the country side of Mwenga, I came across these guys running a small business charging  cell phones.  Upon further inspection, I realized that the power strip they were using was completely home made.  Using a regular piece of wood with hand drilled outlets and homemade rivets, these guys recycled the wire from the broken power strip, seen on the left side of the table. The new power strip has the capacity to charge up to 35 devices on a single current.   This of course would require a hefty generator, which they did not have.  The machine they were using could charge two phones at a time.  A new generator can be quite expensive, but these guys are well on their way to earning the necessary funds.

Traveling through the Eastern Congo, I am always impressed by the people I meet.  The combination of human ingenuity and extreme need often brings forth simple and innovative solutions such as this one.

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