Designing and Building in Central and East Africa

A new IRC logo: Women’s Protection and Empowerment program

Working as part of the large operation that is the IRC in South Kivu, I often get the opportunity to help out with other programs when a little designing is needed.  When the “Gender Based Violence” program changed its name to “Women’s Protection and Empowerment”, I found myself with another such opportunity.

The reasons for changing the program name are clear.  The old GBV title reflects all of the difficulties and dangers facing the women of Eastern Congo yet communicates none of the positive attributes of the IRC’s programs.  Yes, the team works with rape victims and provides medical and psychological treatment – but an equally important initiative provides micro-finance training that gives women the tools to improve their lives and those of their family.   A short, informative video explaining the micro-finance programs in South Kivu can be seen here  BBC story: IRC in the Eastern Congo

With this change in name however, comes the little task of changing the program’s logo.  The previous logo consisted of a hand symbolizing defiance or defense – I assume perhaps also to show strength.  The team wanted to change this logo to better reflect the new name and the positive nature of their many initiatives.

The team came to me with this challenge and I quickly accepted.  This new logo that I’ve created has been accepted and added to the standard issue black IRC t-shirts. I will be happy to see this printed and accompanying the team into the field as they continue their amazing work.

New Logo for the IRC’s Women’s Protection and Empowerment program in South Kivu

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