Designing and Building in Central and East Africa


Having designed and built numerous projects across four continents, I have grown both to appreciate quality architecture and to be disgusted by it. While “good architecture”, as a critic may describe it, has its place; it can also find itself distinctly out of place.

All too often, I have found that an architect’s primary motivation can be self-serving to the point of creating an elegant composition that is then only documented and publicized. In time however, such projects can be revealed as over designed, over budget, and exemplifying a design process that does not consider relevant issues such as poverty, governance, and social sustainability.

Over time I have become obsessed with the concept of design process. While many of the articles on this blog fall into the realm of basic architectural documentation (mostly of my own work …admittedly), I have a growing frustration with the lack of depth of investigation in architecture’s relevance as an essential practice that can help mitigate the numerous challenges facing our world of tomorrow.

My graduate research seeks to address issues of architecture, urban planning, regional development, and its relation to environmental, economic, and social issues.  In the coming year I hope to document some of these investigations on this blog.

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